“Medovyi Spas” company was founded in August 2018. A new production technology based on legendary «Kovenski medy» drink was created. New technology also started a new product – Cikera. The word «cikera» has a long history and dates back to biblical times. It means fermented liquor other than grape-based. Most often it was made from dates, honey, apples and other fruit juices.

In our case, » Medovyi Spas» uses the technology of mixing honey and juices with the addition of yeast cultures. With modern production methods, technological and temperature control we can achieve extraordinary results in quality of the product that has been in a «historic hibernation» for hundreds of years.

The word «cikera» is repeatedly used in the Bible. The most famous and striking biblical reference to it (directed against drunkenness) can be found in Solomon’s Book of Proverbs: «Wine is snide, Cikera is lush; and anyone who is too fond of them is unwise.» Therefore, drink alcohol responsibly! 🙂