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Cikera “MEDOVA VYTRYMANA” is an alcoholic drink with a unique aroma made of linden honey. Linden honey has the highest concentration of glucose and fructose. This honey is the most valuable source of vitamins, macro and trace elements. As a result, Cikera “MEDOVA VYTRYMANA” is a very distinctive picturesque drink. The taste has an intense aroma of flowering linden, notes of beeswax and a long aftertaste with a velvety bitterness and a slight sweetness. The color of Linden honey determines the color of the drink. When Cikera “MEDOVA VYTRYMANA” is in glass, the flavors and smells of sunny July capture the best moments of the summer. It goes well with poultry, fish and seafood. Desserts and cheeses are also excellent pairing. Perfect drink in the cold season. The drink is aged in oak barrels. Does not contain colorings or food additives. Made without additional alcohol and sugar. GMO free. Alc: 14.5% vol. 0.75L (dm3) volume Energy value per 100 ml. product — 103 kcal.
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