Cikera Rose
Cikera “MEDOVA ROZHEVA” is a complex, rich alcoholic beverage made of honey and juices of black and red currants, blackberries and apples. The drink has a pink color. The keen flavor of ripe dark berries with an apple component creates a characteristic southern generosity in taste and aroma. The honey flavors are balanced and do not give too much sweetness. Cikera “MEDOVA ROZHEVA” is versatile because it is suitable for any time of the year, but during a summer heat it will deliver an exceptional pleasure. Recommended for salads, light fish and white meat, seafood. It will also be an excellent accompaniment to desserts and cheese dishes. Does not contain coloring or food additives. Made without additional alcohol and sugar. GMO free Alc: 13.3% vol. 0.75L (dm3) volume Energy value per 100 ml. product — 96,5 kcal.
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