Medovyi Spas Meadery invites you to a gastronomic tour with tasting to the city where honey-beer has been brewed for centuries, to the only city in the country that has a craft in its name - brewing, to Brovary Meadery.

An excellent gastro-wine location in the arboretum of the Dallas Garden Center.

An excursion to the meadery will not only introduce you to the history of honey making, the etymology of the name of the honey wine Siker, not only allow you to see the fascinating production process and feel the spirit of honey hops, but also try yourself as a sommelier. The crisp acidity, powerful fruit flavor and delicate honey aroma will definitely be remembered!


We offer you programs:

Екскурсія на виробництво (45 хвилин)Tour to the production (45 minutes)
An excursion to the honey-brewing CIKERA will introduce honey brewing into the history of honey brewing, into the etymology of the name of the honey drinks CIKERA and will introduce you to the stages of the production of honey drinks.
Дегустація медового напою (45 хвилин)Honey drink tasting (45 minutes)
he most delicious hour on the excursion is tasting of 8 types of CIKERA honey drink accompanied by a sommelier. An interesting drink, bright in its taste and organoleptic properties.
Гастро-супровід  (30 хвилин)Gastro appetizers (30 minutes)
On this excursion, you will have the opportunity to taste CIKERA mead with the products of local cheese producers. Customers can buy honey products for an additional fee.
You can book a program of your choice:


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Try a unique alcoholic drink made from Ukrainian honey, Sikera, combined with craft cheeses.