Natural drinks from honey


Our history

A naturally brewed honey beverage without the addition of any additive spirits. This is a result of a carefully crafted recipe using a blend of natural ingredients of exceptional quality. Our original product is created by combining sweet and sun-enriched honey with juicy local fruits.


“Bright taste.
Rich mineral composition of vitamins and trace elements.”



Thanks to the unique production technology, the drink has a refined bouquet with dominant floral notes and berry shades, a dense body and an expressive aftertaste.


Time to pamper yourself with new experiences. Try a unique alcoholic drink made from Ukrainian honey SIKERA combined with craft cheeses and snails.

Cikera tasting



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Anyone who wants to taste or impress friends with an authentic drink is advised to opt for "honey wine". An amazing combination of honey and berry juices creates a lively, rich and unique taste. Ancient recipes and modern technologies have helped to revive intoxicated honey, which can become a new Ukrainian calling card among alcoholic beverages.


Drinking honeys were widely known and popular back in the days of Kievan Rus. The intoxicated drink called "Sikera" (leavened honey, honey, fermented honey) is made on the basis of honey, berry and fruit juices and pure yeast cultures. Juices are used in the manufacture of strong drinkers:

  • cherries;
  • chokeberry;
  • gooseberry;
  • red and black currants;
  • blackberries;
  • apples.

According to the technology of production, the drink does not contain food additives, artificial colors, sugar and alcohol. Due to the fact that Ukraine occupies a leading position in the world in the production of honey, the company has the opportunity to use various types of honey and produce drinks in large volumes.


How is honey wine useful?

Thanks to the production technology, which does not provide for heat treatment, "honey wine" retains the beneficial properties of honey and natural juices. Seeker is aged in oak barrels, fermentation takes place through the use of cultivated yeast species. Thanks to the combination of natural juices, the wines are rich:

  • fructose;
  • glucose;
  • organic acids;
  • pectins;
  • vitamins.


Strong taste

The strong drink tastes like no other traditional wine. It retains an unusual aromatic combination of berries with a honey flavor. The astringency of the drink is given by a combination of rowan, cherry, currant fruits. Moderate acidity is ensured by successful combinations of sweet and sour berries. The balanced honey notes infuse the drink with a pleasant malt. Seeker smells like honey in summer, it opens its aromas gradually, replacing one smell and taste with another. The drink reveals itself with a real explosion of the spectrum of sweet-sour flavors and floral aromas. Although the alcohol content of honey wines does not exceed 14%, they should be consumed in moderation and responsibly.


What dishes does honey wine go with?

Honey strong drink is not a trivial drink. When choosing which wine to buy for a romantic dinner or New Year's celebration with friends, you should focus on red wine. It goes well with grilled vegetables, cheese cuts, red meat, spicy dishes. Pink liquor is suitable for fish, seafood and light salads. On hot summer evenings, a golden-green wine based on gooseberries and linden honey is suitable. Siker goes well with chocolate, desserts and fruits.


Where to buy drinking honey?

It is already possible to buy honey wine from the producer "Honey Spas" in some retail chains and restaurants, and it is even easier to order it in our corporate online store. Buyers can use the delivery service "New Mail", and pay for the goods remotely with a bank card or make a purchase at the point of issue at the address: Brovary, st. Dmitry Yanchenko 2. For happiness, it is enough to appreciate simple things. A bottle of strong drink will turn an ordinary evening into an unforgettable time.