The word "professor" is a historic Internet meme in our country. Our politicians like to add some prefix with an academic degree to their surname.
But this does not apply to Professor Theophilus Ciesielski. He is a real professor! Since 1872, he taught botany at Lviv University. He made a great contribution to the development of beekeeping, including the study of the biology and physiology of bees. He is the author of many articles, scientific reports, and popular books on beekeeping. The most famous is the two-volume Industrial Beekeeping Based on Science and Multilateral Experience, or Profitable Beekeeping, which has gone through several editions.

 The professor's treatise "Honey-making or the art of producing beverages from honey and fruit" is a real tome for honey-makers.
Professor Ciesielski brought together the recipes for honey drinks of his time!
He gave a ticket to the future to the winemakers of the northern latitudes, giving them the "green light" in the movement for equal rights with the meridians where grapes grow!
He put honey and winemakers on the same board, establishing a great sign of equality between honey hops and wines!
Professor Ciesielski's work with detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions is a monument to his personal feat.
He made a great contribution to the development of honey production and believed that it would increase the profitability of beekeeping, and multivitaminized honey wine, where the entire set of vitamins and amino acids is preserved due to the preservative properties of honey, is an excellent alternative to other alcohol.
  In Ukraine, the main source of inspiration for honey producers is the abundance and diversity of fruit and berries.
  The modern agenda is agitating for natural products! And honey producers now have a historic chance to bring honey alcohol out of the background of the alcohol market with the help of modern technological equipment.
 The Medovyi Spas honey factory has entered the market with a heady honey drink, SIKERA, made from naturally fermented honey, fruit and berry juices without added alcohol and sugar.

The spirit is a legacy of Professor Ciesielski with a dense honey flavor, full of historical meanings, geographical character and color.