🍯Tasting is interesting, bright and unusual. Bright freshness, unusual flavors are a great choice for a non-trivial evening, an opportunity to plunge into a special atmosphere. The meeting will be interesting and may surprise you!
Honey makers can use the strengths of different types of honey.
This year's trends include a dash of organic, biodynamics, sparkling crispy petnats, cheerful oranges, incredible roses, old-school red and white sours. Each deserves a separate story and careful acquaintance🧡🥂

Tours to the Medovyi Spas honey factory

📆 Every week from Friday to Sunday.

📍 Dmitry Yanchenko 2, Brovary
On the territory of the garden center "DaLaS"

🕑 11:00; 13:00; 15:00

🍷 Types of tasting:

🧡 350 ₴ - excursion + tasting of the entire line of drinks.
🧡 550 ₴ - excursion, tasting of the entire line of drinks + a plate of craft cheeses.
800 ₴ - a tour, tasting of the entire line of drinks + a plate of craft cheeses, a specialty dish (a jug of poultry and vegetables) and a visit to Medusha (our cellar with aged types of sikera) with a tasting of sikera that is more than 5 years old.

 ☎️ to make an appointment call:

+380 (66) 375 92 84

 * In addition to the tasting, you can order our signature goose pate filled with jelly from Zolota Sikera 🍯 (200 UAH) or other snacks from our меню☺️
 * The tasting lasts about 2 hours.