It's time to treat yourself to new experiences. Try the unique alcoholic drink made from Ukrainian honey, Sikera.

This is an alcoholic drink made from honey, fruit and berry juices without added alcohol and sugar. In addition to its bright flavor, sikera has a rich mineral composition of vitamins and minerals.

We offer you programs:

  • Екскурсія на виробництво (45 хвилин)Tour to the production (45 minutes)

    An excursion to the honey-brewing CIKERA will introduce honey brewing into the history of honey brewing, into the etymology of the name of the honey drinks CIKERA and will introduce you to the stages of the production of honey drinks.

  • Дегустація медового напою (45 хвилин)Honey drink tasting (45 minutes)

    he most delicious hour on the excursion is tasting of 8 types of CIKERA honey drink accompanied by a sommelier. An interesting drink, bright in its taste and organoleptic properties.

  • Гастро-супровід  (30 хвилин)Gastro appetizers (30 minutes)

    On this excursion, you will have the opportunity to taste CIKERA mead with the products of local cheese producers. Customers can buy honey products for an additional fee.


    The ancient Hellenes left a rich heritage to the peoples of the world. This includes not only architecture, sculpture, and painting, but also the myths and legends of ancient Greece.Bees are often mentioned in Greek mythology. The drink of the immortal Olympic gods was flower nectar, and their food was ragweed.

     According to mythology, during the feasts on Olympus, the goddess of youth Geba and the young man Ganymede spread ragweed, which gave strength, peace of mind, and immortality to the soul, and served nectar in golden cups. A kind of alternative to beauty and youth injections in cosmetology clinics.

     The emblems of the mighty Zeus were an eagle and a bee. According to legend, Zeus, who was born in Crete, was fed with nectar. Pigeons brought him ragweed, and an eagle flew in carrying a cup of nectar in its talons. Bees collected honey for Zeus and guarded the entrance to the cave. When mortals entered the cave of Zeus to steal the honey, they were attacked by bees. The priestesses of Artemis, Demeter, and Persephone were called bees.

    Beekeeping in Greece is closely associated with the name of Aristeas (called Melisseus, a bee in Greek for "lemon balm"), the son of Apollo, who learned how to make beehives and passed on the knowledge to people. He was depicted on ancient coins, and the reverse was a picture of bees. Gods or celestials left honey wines as a legacy to humanity. It is an unbridled audacity to recreate the nectar of the gods, and honey wines are still from the same DNA that the Olympians drank.

    You can feel like the gods on Olympus in the tasting center of the Medovyi Spas honey factory in the DALAS Garden Center.  
    The Medovyi Spas honey factory invites you to a gastronomic tour with tasting in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region. An excursion to the meadery will not only introduce you to the history of honey making, the etymology of the name of the honey wine Siker, not only allow you to see the fascinating production process, feel the spirit of honey hops, but also try yourself as a sommelier.
     The nectar of the gods, extracted from under the locks of time and ages, has been bottled by the meadery for five years.
    It is possible to stop reality, get lost in the centuries and taste what was considered to be the drinks of the gods, plunging into the Olympic tranquility for a while!