Medovyi Spas is one of the first industrial-scale technological honey production facilities in Ukraine. Natural honey drinks are a priceless gift inherited from our ancestors.


Since ancient times, honey has been considered a golden treasure and a guarantee of good health on our land. The Medovyi Spas meadery revives and brings the traditions of honey making to a qualitatively new level with the help of modern technologies.

       "Medovukha", "drinking honey", "honey brew", "honey", "intoxicating honey" - these are the names of honey alcohol in the past. Honey drinks almost went into complete oblivion. However, Medovyi Spas managed to give the opportunity to taste an authentic Ukrainian drink that combines ancient recipes of ancient honey makers with production on the latest equipment.

The Medovyi Spas honey factory still managed to give an opportunity to taste an authentic Ukrainian drink that combines old recipes of ancient honey makers with the production of modern equipment.


In the modern world, it is difficult to surprise a consumer with a special product. This also applies to the alcoholic beverage market. It is difficult to find a truly national, traditional drink. The Medovyi Spas honey factory is reviving the traditions of honey production and introducing the honey intoxicating drink Sikera to the market.

Intoxicating honey has been known since biblical times, and according to written records, the production of honey drinks was extremely popular in modern Ukraine. The variety of ancient mead recipes is impressive. People enjoyed honey-based drinks almost until the end of the 18th century. Over time, the popularity of intoxicating honey was replaced by affordable and easier-to-make alcoholic beverages. Nowadays, however, it is possible to revive the production of honey wine by combining ancient recipes with modern production technologies.


Medovyi Spas was established on October 14, 2018 in Brovary, Kyiv region. The equipment of the meadery is certified according to HACCP and ISO certificates, and an Italian wine bottling line has been installed. The production capacity is half a million bottles per year. The production of honey drinks can be promising, as the popularization of honey wines is gaining momentum in the world. And since Ukraine is one of the world's top five honey exporters, honey production could become an interesting local business.