In 1897, the Belgian capital Brussels hosted the First Congress of Apimondia, the World Federation of Beekeeping Associations. It is the world's largest event in the field of beekeeping.
      The 23rd Apimondia Congress was also held in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv! And after the event in Ufa, Russia, was canceled due to the attack on Ukraine, the 47th Apimondia Congress was moved to Istanbul. And it opened on the bright date of Ukraine's Independence Day on August 24.
       Ukraine, which produces more than 70 thousand tons of honey per year and is among the top five exporters of golden flows in the world, is represented by a large delegation, including our Medovyi Spas honey factory with its Sikera honey hops.
    Medovyi Spas won a silver medal at the 47th Apimondia Congress of the World Federation of Beekeeping Associations, the largest and most important event in the world in the field of beekeeping.  The cider, in which honey is fermented and gives a sonorous synthesis with berries and fruits, was highly appreciated. The main source of inspiration for honey makers is the fruit and berry bounty of Ukrainian lands. There is every chance for honey hops to become a unique gastronomic product in Ukraine.