The term Pet-Nat (short for pétillant naturel, which means "natural sparkling wine") was coined in the 1990s by Loire winemaker Christian Chaussard. This sparkling wine is called "rustic" because of the ancient Ancestral method of production, better known as "grandfathering." Ancestral is a pre-champagne method that gives birth to petnats, dating back half a millennium before the invention of secondary fermentation, which is used to create champagne. It's the same as honey drinks, almost from folklore. Unlike the classical method, which includes 2 stages of fermentation, here wine is fermented only once.

      In Pet-Nat, the directional vector is biodynamic. Wild yeast, long aging on the lees, no filtration, and minimal use of sulfur dioxide - these steps result in an interesting and light drink. The taste is stunningly fresh, the acidity is bright, and the aftertaste is delicate and berry-like. The balance of pet-nats is excellent and the mineral finish is stunning. Most often, petnats are not filtered, so they are opaque. The degree of alcohol and pressure in petnats are lower than in other sparkling wines, so they are often closed not even with a cork, but with a metal beer crown. Due to the low pressure, the fizz is not as intense, but the bubbles are much larger.

      Pet-Nats are released into the world in spring and summer to be drunk here and now, while they are young and fresh. Petnats are now ruling the summer scene. Naturalists are crying with happiness, because there is a complete order with minerals! It's the finest hour of natural!

        The meadery also did not stay away from this movement and launched two Pet-Nat versions of SIKERA to the line of honey drinks. Pet-Nat version of SIKERA is a proper summer 7-degree low carbonated alcoholic drink.

       The first version is "Sikera Medova Brovarska", a naturally fermented linden honey drink without added alcohol and sugar with a restrained perlage and crisp acidity. It continues the bright fruit and berry flavor of the SIKERA, with an aftertaste of red berries and green apples.
          The second version is "SIKERA MEDOVA KANIVSKA", a naturally fermented drink of linden honey from the Kaniv Mountains without added alcohol and sugar. The taste has an intense aroma of blooming linden, notes of beeswax and, in the end, a long aftertaste with velvety bitterness and light sweetness.
       These Pet-Nats will be appreciated for their natural production method, low alcohol content, incredible freshness and rich mineral composition of vitamins and minerals.
        Meet the Pet-Nat version of Sikera - the drink of summer festivals and fairs!